who is
Keto San Antonio?

Our Mission

We run as a pac of health seekers and together we are stronger.

Keto San Antonio is a local Keto community dedicated to uniting, educating and supporting individuals in San Antonio and surrounding areas interested in ketogenic living through making healthy food choices one good choice at a time.  My promise to you has been, and continues to be to provide a reliable, safe place for all of us to find solid information to realize better health through knowledge of nutrition, ingredients and all things keto.  With Keto San Antonio you will never have to be alone in your journey towards health.  We are a pac of health seekers, we run together and  we are stronger together!

Our compass beliefs

We respect bio-individuality, personal protocol, choice, and encourage dietary experimentation.

In relation to the ketogenic diet, we are respectful of bio-individuality, personal protocol, choice and encourage dietary experimentation for the purpose of individuals gaining a better understanding of their bodies and how to fuel healthy living. With that being said, we encourage conversations about food in terms of “optimal health” acknowledging that there are some choices that are “OK” or “good” and some choices that might be considered “optimal” or “best” choices. There are also some food choices that just aren’t healthy. In those cases we will try to discuss them respectfully as “less than optimal” and explain why.

There are some food ingredients that may be low carb but are rather inflammatory. Some such ingredients would strongly discourage are all wheats, grains, sugars by any name, and factory oils.  A person may remain in ketosis while eating products made with these ingredients, such as processed marketed “Low Carb” breads and tortillas, but we do not encourage those choices as they can delay healing and optimal health.

We acknowledge that Keto San Antonio is a diverse group of folks with different goals, health conditions, ages, and lives. The goal of Keto San
Antonio is to encourage dialogue and learning within a respectful caring atmosphere that helps individuals find answers that fit them.  We believe, as a truly loving and caring community, we sincerely are all stronger together and conversations help support and facilitate learning and growth.

Meet Anna Smith

Founder of Keto San Antonio

Welcome to Keto San Antonio!  We are all so glad you are running with our Pac of health seekers!

In the Fall of 2017 I had made great health progress and was experiencing great healing through eating ketogenically, but I was craving connections with folks experiencing some of the same struggles and triumphs I was.  I was spending so much time reading Keto books, blogs, studies and recipes and I really longed to share with others who possibly were doing the same or needed help.  I took a risk and began reaching out via the internet to gather likeminded Keto warriors in my neighborhood to join me for a recipe swap and get together.  That first gathering I had over 26 people say they wanted to participate but I still remember preparing and wondering if anyone would actually come.  I just kept thinking, “Of course they will!   I am not alone in this Keto quest for health.  We just haven’t met each other yet.” 

Beautifully, one by one my new keto friends showed up.  My heart was full as I saw folks similar to myself connecting, conversing, sharing, and learning with each other just from the simplicity of the opportunity to meet which I facilitated.  I knew as I mostly observed that yes, we need this and more do as well.  That little meeting over shared Keto cheesecake, jalapeno poppers, bottled water and Zevia was the birth of Keto San Antonio.

Today we are a growing community that utilizes our Keto San Antonio Facebook group as a central place to ask Keto questions, share recipes, share our progress and pitfalls, Keto products we like, local business that support our way of living, schedule events, and most importantly a hub to make friends.  I am humbled by our Keto San Antonio community and all the awesomeness that is you!

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Meet our
Keto San Antonio team

Lindy Bulsterbaulm

KSA Moderator

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