Success Stories

San Antonio

Success Stories of Healing & Health

Success Stories

Keto San Antonio is a diverse Keto community comprised of folks from all walks of life, ages, and levels of health.  One of my goals is to place a spotlight on the fact that Keto is so much more than just weight loss.  It is about healing and health through making good food and lifestyle choices one choice at a time.  Weight loss for many just tends to be a happy side effect of realizing and obtaining optimal health.  

Here is a collection of some of our stories.

If you would like to help inspire and motivate others, please contact me below.  Keto San Antonio would love to share your story too!

Jordan Swain

Jordan shares her physical struggles with PCOS and her courageous emotional journey towards the hopes for a happy future with family.  Read how she has transformed her health and literally found life saving health and freedom through eating ketogenically!

Sunny Parker

Sunny, shares her life long struggles with the diet roller coaster of calories in/calories out mentality and practice that kept her trapped in a lifelong health struggle.  Read how she found freedom and lost 240 pounds through replacing that ingrained protocol with the freeing lifestyle changes that Keto and Fasting brought to living. 

Judith Long

Judith shares her inspiring story of persistence, determination, and strength which lead her to find victory over the ravages of childhood polio that left her with limited mobility.  Through changing her nutritional input to that of a clean ketogenic diet, Judith has found increased health and vibrance of life.

Anna Smith

I have transformed my health through eating ketogenically and making good choices one choice at a time.  I now live happy, healthy and joyously as Founder and facilitator of our local community, Keto San Antonio, and our Texas wide and beyond community, Keto Lone Star. 

“A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but its persistence.”

Changing one's health isn't about perfection, but rather about persistence. Never compare your journey to others'.
Do your best and make this a lifestyle that respects your unique bio-individuality and lifestyle. Keep moving forward placing emphasis on making one good choice at a time. The healing will happen!
Trust the process.
San Antonio

Your Story

Help motivate and inspire others!

Keto San Antonio would love to share your story of healing and health.  Don’t make excuses and worry that in your mind you aren’t “There yet.”  It is all about the journey!  Let’s share hope and help motivate each other!

Keto San Antonio

Keto San Antonio is comprised of a Pac of health seekers and we travel together.  We have found that within community we are stronger together!